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What can we do for you?

We will present your content (whitepapers, webinars, etc) to our readers just when they are expressing interest in your topic. We then qualify these prospects via a webform and phone interview. Lastly, we deliver your leads on time, on quantity, and on budget.

What is a journal?
  • A weekly email newsletter and website
  • Personalized stories by title/function/industry
  • Relevant content by vertical (IT, HR, B2B)
  • Auto-tuning – get more of what you click on
  • Job-specific whitepaper offers
B2B Solution Journal


B2B Solution Journal delivers timely job and market insights to over 35k US-based B2B marketers. From digital display to Search and email, B2BSJ covers all aspects of audience targeting, messaging and tactics. If you’re looking to get in front of B2B marketers, B2BSJ is a must-have vehicle for your campaigns.
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IT Solution Journal

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Market to one of the top tier IT-related reader bases in the U.S. and Internationally. For 25 years, ITSJ articles have provided readers trusted information driving their technology buying and implementation strategies. You’ll benefit from this goodwill as you reach pros from System Admins to CIOs with functional titles such as security, networking, and cloud. Talk to us; even if your target is tight, we can reach beyond title and function with intent and engagement data - tell us your spec’s, we’ll respond with audience availability.
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HR Solution Journal

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Tap one of the most trusted news sources used by HR professionals. Your reach will include Managers, Directors, VP’s, and Owners, along with HRIS Administrators, Trainers and Recruiters. The goodwill we have generated from long term relationships with HR pros offers you the perfect audience to promote your HR-related technologies and services.
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How do we know?
Daily email newsletters give us a welcomed conduit to our journal audiences. Our readers engage daily with our content.
What do we know?
Solution Journal Email Newsletters produce binary intent signals. Each reader is presented with a choice of two articles selected to match their job function, level, and industry. Their selections over time let us customize their content and understand their interests.
Why we are different?
We use LinkedIn to authenticate our subscribers. That means our readers are REAL business professionals. No students, researchers, or bots.
We’re our own intent signal.
While the rest of the B2B media share the same cookie-based, 3rd party intent data, Solution Publishing is a walled garden of original intent and interest.
We don’t aggregate your lead orders.
The leads you buy from us will always only come from us.
We hit pacing goals.
Whatever your need for lead flow, we will deliver or provide a status alert
We’re behind many of the big “lead platforms”.
When you buy from the big guys, you’re often buying from us at a higher price, with less customization and features. Our team is great to work with. Buy leads direct from us and see the difference.
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